An artistic tribute to the Cypherpunks movement

30 years after the publication of A Cypherpunk's Manifesto it is time to honour the protagonists of the Cypherpunks movement.

We want to give credit for their foundational work in creating a free society and decentralized economy with a focus on the essential values of privacy, freedom of speech, and freedom to transfer private information via anonymous transaction systems and cryptography.

freedom of speech
freedom of money

In a global Cypherpunk initiative the core ideas will be reinvigorated and artistically disseminated in a contemporary way.

Art Project:

Art Project:

  • The tribute is primarily in the form of an art project that blends classical art, digital art and blockchain technology and artistically focuses on 12 cypherpunks and their famous work.
  • The goal is to communicate the mood of a turning point in time based on the core values of the Cypherpunk initiative to as many people as possible through art.

  • The renownded Artist Oskar Stocker created 12 portrait paintings of the most influential Original Cypherpunks in traditional mixed media technique on Fabriano (180x150cm each)
  • Based on these artworks CYI"R & Otto Tasnadi created Digital Artifacts (Morphing Videos) expressing artistically how the ideas and work of the Cypherpunks protect our Personal Freedom & Privacy from a dystopian future of mass surveillance and censorship in a digital world.

Cornerstones of the Project

Tribute EventOn October 20th & 21st, 2023, 30 years after the first historical meeting of the Cypherpunks, selected protagonists of the Cypherpunks movement were honored and essential thoughts on the three core topics have been discussed during an exclusive Tribute Event during the Plan B Forum at the Convention Center in Lugano.

Cypherpunk Art PremiereAt the Tribute Event, the 12 original Cypherpunk portraits & their corresponding digital artifacts have been presented alongside the artists and three Original Cypherpunks. All artworks were showcased online as well.

NominationThe Tribute and the Art Premiere are the starting points for a contemporary Cypherpunk initiative that carries the core ideas of the original Manifesto into the digital and public space. Together with the community we look for the 2nd Generation of Cypherpunks. Nominate your favorite Cypherpunk of today and advocate for an open, decentralized system with perfect privacy and sound money. We present artworks of the new Cypherpunks at the Plan B Forum in Lugano 2024.

  • 12 painted portraits of the original Cypherpunks by Oskar Stocker

Concept and Core Team

Fred Nuernberger

Entrepreneur, Investor; Author of the Original concept

Oskar Stocker

Artist, Painter of the 12 Cypherpunk Original Portraits

Otto Tasnadi

Creative director, Product designer, Digital Artist

Sebastian Becker

Business Development Specialist, Impact Seeker